Amal Capital provides unique services at unique times. Its probably the only bank-affiliated entity set up to fill the gap in funding for development oriented projects required medium to long term funding. The in-house expertise for projects appraisals, funding, monitoring and managing is unparalleled anywhere in East Africa.
The solution we are offering is one of the classical financial intermediations between owners of funds, in this case development agencies offering DFIs and private investors on one hand, and entrepreneurs seeking funds for new or expansion projects requiring medium to long term funds. We understand the needs of the development Agencies and Private Investors requiring 360 Degree services from preparing project study, raising shareholders' funds, negotiating funding scheme with them, closing the funding agreements, overseeing implementations, co-managing business all the way to exit level. At this stage, the productive sectors like agriculture, light industries, livestock, fisheries, technical education and healthcare are the prime targets requiring urgent funding.