5th ANIE Annual Conference, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Intra-regional higher education cooperation : Making internationalization and regionalization work for Africa

Dates: 2nd to 4th October 2013 (arrival, 2nd October 2013)

Venue: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

There is no question that the internationalization of higher education has transformed the higher education landscape in the last three decades. The more globalized and inter-connected world in which we live has stimulated higher education institutions, organizations and national governments to pay more attention to academic relations and opportunities with partners in other countries close by and far away. A more recent development has been an increased focus on higher education collaboration and exchange within a region.
In Africa there are increasing efforts to strengthen intra-regional cooperation and regionalization of higher education systems and practices by organizations such as the African Union (AU) , Association of African Universities (AAU), the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) and the African Network for the Internationalization of Education (ANlE). The establishment of the Pan-African University, the expansion in the number of regional research and university networks, the growth in intra-regional student mobility and institutional agreements, and the new emphasis on Africa-wide quality assurance frameworks and academic credit systems are testimony to the growing importance of African higher education regionalization.

The movement to increase collaborations within regions is a worldwide trend. The well- known Bologna Process, which aims to create a common higher education space in Europe, has stimulated more attention being given to this issue in all regions of the world. But each region of the world must approach higher education regionalization with goals and strategies that are consistent with their own cultural, historical, political and economic context and their own higher education priorities. The 5th ANIE Conference will focus on the African approach and progress to intra-regional cooperation and regionalization of higher education

ANIE firmly supports greater intra-regional cooperation and the regionalization of higher education systems and practices in Africa. These two goals are closely related to ANIEs efforts to promote further higher education collaboration and internationalization within Africa as well as with other countries and regions of the world. To that end, the main aim of the conference is to examine the impact of higher education regionalization developments to date, and look to at critical new strategies to move the intra-regional cooperation agenda forward.
The conference will discuss the new initiatives and impact of recent developments related to quality assurance frameworks, recognition of qualifications, student and scholar mobility, joint academic programs, learning outcomes, academic credit system, regional research networks and centres, among others. A diversity of African higher education actors need to be involved and supported by an explicit political will to support higher education regionalization and its contribution to Africa’s development and its role in the world, The 5th ANIE conference aims to bring academics, policy makers, researchers, analysts, senior education leaders from all over Africa to advance the regionalization and internationalization agendas in Africa.

The expected outcomes of the conference are:
• An increased awareness of the opportunities and impacts of increased higher education intra-regional cooperation on Africa
• An understanding of the different and complementary approaches to African higher education regionalization
• Recommendations and strategies on how Africa can benefit from increased regional cooperation and harmonization of systems and practices
• A continental research agenda on the role and relationship of regionalization and internationalization in Africa.
• Greater support for the work and role of ANIE in strengthening Africa’s higher education sector and its contribution to African development.

Anchored on the main theme, the conference will focus on the following sub themes;

1. New developments and challenges in the regionalization of higher education systems and practices- i.e. quality assurance, academic credits, student and faculty mobility, regional centres of excellence, recognition of qualifications, joint academic programs, learning outcomes
2. The role of pan African and regional university associations, higher education professional organizations and regulatory bodies in moving the regionalization agenda forward.
3. The importance of political will, support and strategies to promote greater intra-regional and regionalization of African higher education.
4. New dynamics and good practices in intra-regional co-operation.

Call for Abstracts
We invite abstracts and panel proposals related to the main theme and the sub-themes outlined above. The abstracts should be in English and of not more than 300 words and should be sent to sec@anienetwork.org on or before 30th June 2013. Authors will be informed by the Programme Committee by 30th July 2013 whether their abstracts have been accepted for presentation.

The conference which is Africa’s leading forum for discussions on internationalization should be of interest to all stakeholders engaged in internationalisation of higher education in Africa, including policy makers, higher education leaders, international programme officers, practitioners, and researchers. Young scholars from Africa are strongly encouraged to participate. It also provides a special opportunity for our international partners and stakeholders to join us.

Pre conference workshop
Theme: Internalisation at Home: Opportunities for African Universities
We will hold a one day workshop on 2nd October 2013, just prior to the conference based on the above theme. The workshop will introduce the concept of Internationalisation at Home and discuss some of its developments. It will mainly look at possibilities that it presents to African Universities. While a broader view will be discussed, there will be emphasis on internationalisation of the formal curriculum for all students. Recent trends in curriculum internationalisation in Europe, Australia, United States and Africa will be presented. In the main section of the workshop, participants will work on the development or refinement of a vision and on a summary plan of steps for internationalisation of the curriculum at their own universities. ANIE will present this workshop in collaboration with the European Association for International Education (EAIE) and International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA).ticipants

This is one of the finest opportunities to get your organisation noticed, especially in Africa and also to support ANIE. For advertising in conference publications, sponsorship options and request for an exhibition stand, contact sec@anienetwork.org
Working Languages
The working language of the meeting will be English.

Important Dates
Registration opens 30th April 2013
Submission of abstracts 30th June 2013
Acceptance of abstracts 30th July 2013
Early bird deadline 15th August 2013
Submission of full papers 30 August 2013
Conference dates 2ndto 4th October 2013

Conference Fees
Early bird After 15th August 2013
Students $150 $ 200
ANIE Member $200 $ 250
Non-member (African Countries) $250 $ 300
Non-member (Rest of the world) $300 $ 350
Please note that the participation fees will cover the cost of coffee/tea, lunches and conference materials.

For further information, contact:

James Otieno Jowi
Executive Director, ANIE
Moi University,
Box 3900, Eldoret, Kenya
Email: jowij@anienetwork.org

Chair: Organising Committee
Alice Sena Lamptey
Senior Higher Education Program Specialist Coordinator, ADEA-WGHE
Pan African University (PAU)
African Union Commission (AUC)
P. O. Box 3243
Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

Chair: Programme Committee
Dr. Gerald Ouma
University of Western Cape
South Africa
Email: gouma@uwc.ac.za

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